Efficient Processes to Produce Polyalkylated Oligo-ethyl-polyamines (RFT-324)

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Invention Summary

Certain Polyalkylated Oligo-ethyl-polyamines such as TMEDA, TEEDA and PEDETA are useful intermediates in organic synthesis and analytical chemistry and used extensively in inorganic chemistry as ligands for a variety of metal complexes. In spite of high demands, PEDETA (penta-ethyl-di-ethylene-triamne) has not been available in industrial scales due to the difficulty in the realization of complete alkylation of the starting material using conventional methods. ;This novel method describes a process of obtaining PEDETA that is pure and without any side or incomplete alkylated product. The process involves no work-up and is thus environmentally friendly.  In addition, the reaction time and work-up process is drastically reduced from the conventional synthesis method.


US Patent No.8,658,829 "Method of Producting Polyalkylated Oligoalkylenepolyamines"


Henry Nowak, Technology Manager


RFT, 324, RFT324 

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