For Industry

Companies and university researchers look to the NDSU Research Foundation as a vehicle for transferring scientific discoveries, technology, products, and processes developed through NDSU research to the marketplace. The Foundation can arrange for the protection and licensing of intellectual properties and, in some cases, facilitate start-up companies. Businesses are encouraged to contact us about any of the patented technologies available to discuss an appropriate commercialization strategy.


NDSU's extensive resources are available to help meet corporate research, technology, and development needs and to help companies expand their technology base. By sponsoring research at NDSU, a company can potentially save on costly long-term research investments in capital and labor while receiving the benefits of focused, experienced research and development.

North Dakota State University celebrated its 100th year as a land-grant institution in 1989. Over 700 faculty members provide a broad array of research and technical expertise through the College of Agriculture, Science and Mathematics, Engineering and Architecture, Pharmacy, Human Development & Education, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, and the School of Education. NDSU is recognized as a research leader in coatings and polymeric material research, nanotechnology, high-performance computing, plant breeding, agriculture product development, and many other areas.

The combination of NDSU’s faculty knowledge and experience coupled with its state-of-the-art research facilities is what makes industry partnerships with NDSU so successful.

NDSU Research Foundation & NDSU

NDSU Research Foundation is a vehicle for transferring scientific discoveries (Intellectual Property) developed through NDSU research to the marketplace. Intellectual property developed at NDSU is assigned to the Foundation. After assignment, the Foundation seeks to provide legal protection for intellectual property by various means. Such means of protection include:

  1. Trademark and/or copyright protection,
  2. Plant variety protection (PVP), and
  3. Patent protection

Through relationships with public and private industry, the Foundation seeks commercial opportunities for these technologies. The Foundation facilitates commercial opportunities by negotiating and monitoring contracts, licensing agreements, and equity relationships. The Foundation also seeks to create opportunities for additional research and development of the technologies and will assist with new business ventures.

You can get in touch with our team to know more.