Multi-use Aminofunctional Alkoxy Polysiloxanes (RFT-71)

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Invention Summary

This invention involves synthesized polysiloxanes that exhibit selectivity of hydroxyl moiety in a cost-effective, stable conversion.


  • With 100% selectivity of the hydroxyl moiety, potential market applications include coatings, adhesives, sealants, rubbers, elastomers, catalyst supports, sol-gel/ceramic precursors, components in molecular sieves, chromatography columns, polyelectrolytes and electrochemical sensing devices.
  • Minimal purification required with only hydrogen gas produced as side product.
  • Cost-effective production, relative to the comparable hydrosilation process
  • Extended shelf life for amino-silicones.

Invention Premise

Linear and cyclic polysiloxanes with pendant amine moieties have been synthesized with hydroxyalkyl-amines. The reaction exhibits 100% selectivity of the hydroxyl moiety over the amine moiety of aminoalcohols at the reactive Si-H site, leaving the pendant amine functionality intact on the product. No side reactions, including that of rearranging the polysiloxane backbone occurs. The reaction is a one-pot process with minimal purification required since the only side product is hydrogen gas. Compared to the hydrosilation process, the process is cost effective on a per/mole catalyst basis. The amino-silicone end products have an extended shelf life (months) under normal precautions.


This technology is patented with fully preserved US patent rights (issued US patent 6,482,912), and is available for licensing/partnering opportunities.


Henry Nowak, Technology Manager


RFT, 71, RFT71 

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